Saturday, 24 January 2015

Writing a Blog

I have been toying with the idea of writing a blog from the last one year. In the meanwhile I have been reading a lot of blogs. I see a lot of blogs with pictures of handbags, cute dresses, birthday celebrations and cute stationary. While these blogs are definitely fun to read (and I am addicted to some) I wasn't comfortable writing this way. I somehow felt it was a bit too teenagers type. Before you start guessing my age I’m not in my 20’s but definitely 30’s and I think my way of writing is more mature. (Maybe it should be given my age).

Like everyone I had initial concerns that if I start writing that will be another core for me. It will be an additional task and I will have to keep coming up with articles all the time. I read a lot about what topics to write, 365 blog ideas for a year,how to choose your audience for the blog, what would the people like to read about. Finally I gave up the idea of writing a blog. That’s when a colleague of mine sends me a blog link that I really like and I finally decided to write a blog. It took me some time to realize this is not about people but it is about what I want to write.

Often while reading all the stuff on net about blog writing we actually lose what we want to write about. My blog is simply about my experiences in life and about my views. That’s it. Nothing more nothing less. When I read the 365 blog ideas for a year I did write on a few topics to be on a safer side but later I realized this is not what I want to write about. It’s okay if I write less I only want to write about the issues I strongly feel about. And when I do feel that way,words just flow out of the pen or in my case the keys in the keypad get hit faster. Sometimes it is more than enough that you feel about certain things in a certain way and it is good to be natural than to copy others and write what other blog writers are writing about. Thank god finally good sense prevailed!

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