Monday, 12 January 2015

Weird names

Amir Khans PK is one of the recent movies that everyone is taking about for so many reasons. One of the things that have been highlighted in the movie is that we human beings are so confusing. A particular color is auspicious in one religion and inauspicious in the other, a particular custom good for one religion and not so good for another. 

My today's article further highlights this dilemma. Sometime back an apple was an apple, today it is a brand for consumer electronics. A tablet was a chewing tablet today it’s a mobile computer. A recent incident happened in office when a colleague said I went to buy a tablet (electronic gadget) and I said oh what was wrong with you (I confused it with the medicine pill). Another time the same person said I picked up a tablet (medicine pill) and this time I said, I thought you bought it sometime back and we all burst out laughing. Similarly Mango a famous fruit is a famous clothing brand today. Who knew people would have blue tooth with which they would connect with each other. I thought all tooth are white! One more brand that a transport company in our city uses for its buses is Orange. Now this I think is food for thought. Isn't it?

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