Friday, 8 April 2016

Kindle or Paper

I'm a avid book reader. A bookworm perhaps. Result : There is a big bookshelf in the house which is over flooded with books! Although i kept allotting more and more space to books somehow it is never sufficient as books keep increasing day in and day out. I'm a girl who when goes to a shopping mall will not go to cosmetic section and buy the latest mascara or lip liner or lip gloss or will not check herself 10 times in the mirror or wash room during functions. I somehow always end up in the bookstore and no matter how many books i have i still have a lot to read. Result no space.
That is when my husband suggested its time to buy "Kindle". Now Kindle! I was reluctant. I for sure knew i wouldn't like electronic reading. The smell of paper, new book, the cute cute bookmarks, the collection. How is a kindle going to help me get all that. But how can i explain all this to a non book lover and hassled by all the space books are taking in the house. Nevertheless we brought Kindle (I brought the cheapest one available as i knew i wasn't going to use it much.) But i was in a shock myself.
I read my first novel and did not much miss the paper. Next i realized i could download books or buy them at the click of a button. No more taking the time and effort to go to book stores. Not that i don't like it. Its just that its not convenient every time especially with a busy schedule. Plus the convenience of carrying n numbers of books in a small device. I mean just put it in your bag and you have so many novels with you especially while travelling. You don't need a dictionary anymore as you just press the word and meaning pops up. You don't need bookmarks as you open the book and it takes you to the page where you had left . This is applicable even if you are reading more than a book at a time. The promotional offers available online. You can read so many books for free. Yeee!!!!! With Kindle unlimited you just pay a monthly subscription of Rs 200 and a million books to read. Now that's what i call a deal for a bookworm like me. No more travelling to library in traffic, no more taking the tension of losing the book and not returning it on time or else incurring penalty every day. No more worrying of kids tearing the library books as you might have to pay fine. Neither the irritation when your engrossed in a library book to suddenly realize the page is missing with a love note from someone to someone. Now that's what i really feel is digital revolution and i'm so glad i'm getting to be part of it. Thanks I love Kindle :-). Also being a lawyer its my duty to say this article is not intended to promote Kindle and views of the writer are solely his or hers and not intended to influence people.