Thursday, 8 January 2015

Life is beautiful. So r people.

Well I never ever imagined that I would write a blog in 2015. That was not in the Agenda. Agenda was simple to work hard to play hard, do some yoga shred some kilos, eat healthy blah blah blah but here I am writing my first blog! I don’t know what 2015 has in store for me, as of now I am amazed with myself.

My very first post is about life and people. Whenever I meet someone new I am amazed by the way people, talk, think, choose their words. People never fail to amaze me and I always learn something new from every person I meet or see. It’s nice to know how people feel,think, their fears, their aspirations. I am a listener most of the time and somehow I have experienced that because I don’t judge people easily, people feel very comfortable to talk to me to tell me their sorrows, secrets even though I do not ask about it!

I do not know how long will this fascination continue with me but it has always been with me. So is life. I like everything life has to offer, the foods, colors, books, each and every single day, the monsoons, the bright sunlight in the morning, the rains. Every day I want to achieve new things which I have never achieved till date. Does everyone think this way or am I super excited? Here is cheers to life and to people.


  1. Super Coolll.. yes dear, in some and other way i also feel the same.. life is nothing without excitement. Keep it up.

  2. Its rally splendid....!!!!!!! Great job Jas.